“Violet! You’re turning violet, Violet!!”

Hi! Emmy here!

Today I present to you………my first (er, second) real project!!

I’ve only been knitting a few months, and my first project, a scarf, was taking waaaaay too long and it was getting boring. So I decided to start something new to keep myself from quitting knitting (hehe, that rhymed!) altogether.

Oh, yeah… that’s something you’ll soon notice about me — my attention span can be somewhat short at times. And I go off topic sometimes, too.

Anyway, I wanted to knit something quick yet satisfying. I chose to make a clutch!! The pattern is called the “Ballybrae Soft Clutch”.

What I liked about this project is that it was indeed quick (took about 3 days nights), the pattern was easy to understand, the stitch pattern was easy to keep up with, and the pattern can be modified to make it either dressy or casual, depending on the yarn and button used. oh, and the whole project took a little over one skein (a small skein, at that — just 87 yards).

It took forever for me to choose the yarn for the clutch at the yarn store. Eventually, I chose Red Heart Eco-Ways Bamboo Wool in violet (hence this entry’s title- I love “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) and I LOVE this yarn! It feels really nice, and the colors this yarn comes in are vibrant! Anyway, I should just shut up and show the pictures, right? Okay!

This is the front of the clutch.

Opened. I added a zipper.

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