Love at First Sight!

Sew much fabric, Sew little time!
~Author Unknown

I was sitting impatiently, waiting and waiting to go out with someone…anyone really.
The person could be male or female, short or tall it really didn’t matter. Just so long as I could get out! Go out into the world and explore. We wouldn’t have to go anywhere fancy, just so long as we went!

Since the fire, I had been pushed back, jammed into a corner! Without friends or companionship. I was popular before the fire! I had many friends. People were always interested in me. What I could do, who I could become, what I could accomplish…

Oh, I don’t mean to boast but many times I would overhear people saying how sweet and vibrant I was. They would touch me tenderly and proclaim their love for me. But not anymore! Now I was buried under useless rags and surrounded by the scent of mold.

If only someone would take me away from this place. I dreamed about the places we would go. Would we go far or would we stay near? Regardless of where we’d end up I’d finally get some fresh air and feel the sunshine. I’d sway to the rhythm of the breeze. I’d feel the excitement on the streets.

It’s at that point that I swooshed in (like a super hero) and saved yellow. She was buried in a deep black tunnel. The stench was awful the air was musky but on I pressed through the pile of worthless scraps until finally I saw her. Love at first sight. Tangled and confused. Lonely and afraid, she trembled.

That was the greatest day of my life! As soon as we hit the streets, just as I expected, I felt the sunshine hit me like a sweet warm hug. I was still sore and had lost my pride, my dignity and my spirit. I wasn’t sure I could ever be as beautiful as I had once been. I had gone through too much. I had seen too many things.

But I knew better! I took Yellow home. I washed and pressed her. I took my time and chose the best style for her. I turned her into a thing of beauty. She no longer looked like an orphan or smelled like a fire. It didn’t take much it was just a matter of time till she was back to her old self again, but even better! Take a look 😉

Till we meet again

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    • New to This…
    • July 30th, 2010

    I’m not one to follow anything that has to do with sewing or knitting, but I really liked this last post. I thought it was very creative the way you portrayed your meeting, rescue, and friendship with Yellow! Very nice!

    • Hi New to This…!
      I’m glad you appreciate a good rescue story! Keep coming back…. this blog may surprise you!


  1. Love this post! It is really creative and the skirt is absolutely lovely! You wear it well too. Great job!

    • 1sewsweet:
      Your name is perfect for you because you are indeed “sew” sweet!
      Thank you for the kind words. I hope you consider making this skirt, it was easy and fun!

      Keep checking back for new posts!

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