My Pretty Little Buttercup

“I’m itching to be stitching!”

I am so happy! I feel like singing… LALALALALALA

Just be glad you can’t hear the notes I hit. As a child, I used to walk around the house serenading everyone with my own rendition of popular opera songs. My father was none to pleased with this and would often send me to the basement! This was obviously poor parenting on his part! He took away my dream of becoming a world-renowned singer and now all I’m left with is this crazy obsession with fabric!

Case in point… last week was Skirt Week and I distinctively remember telling the world (or at least all of you) that I wouldn’t buy any fabric. All I had to do was go 1 week without purchasing any fabric! Did I buy fabric you ask? Let’s just say the proof is in the pudding…

All I can say is ….Tsk, Tsk, Tsk!

Last Week (Skirt Week) was both challenging and fun. A complete success if you ask me. I got a chance to work on my techniques and try out a few new gadgets. After such an intense week I decided to take a break and make something different. And so I made the “Buttercup bag.” I had the PERFECT fabric for it. Feast your eyes on this baby!

I left out the straps and made it a clutch (per Emmy’s suggestion).

I plan to make more of these. I am so grateful to Rae for putting up this FREE pattern. Wouldn’t you like to try it? Go to you won’t be sorry! (hehe…It sounds like Rae is paying me to advertise)

Ok, so about Skirt Week… It’s not over yet! ☺ I have a few loose ends to tie or hem. 🙂

I’ll be back to fill you in on the details. Stay tuned. WARNING: it will be long!

Happy Wednesday to you ALL!!!

Till we meet again


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  • Comments (3)
    • LooksCoolToMe
    • August 18th, 2010

    I want to make an order for 10 of these! Can you deliver 10 in 2 weeks? These look Georgeous!

    –>Cool Beams

    • Sendy Guerrier
    • August 31st, 2010

    super cute bag! I want one!!!

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