I Love Cardigans!

Short ones! Long ones!

Bright ones! Dark ones!

Thin ones! Thick ones!

Old ones! New ones!

Fitted ones! Loose ones!

Um, I have a confession: I’m obsessed with cardigans.

They’re so versatile and layer-able and warm!!!!

When I started knitting a few months ago, one of my main reasons for doing so was so that I could one day have a luxurious, large and lovely collection of sweaters and cardigans. This is also what I love the most about Fall — you get to wear comfy sweaters and cardigans!

But alas, I still haven’t knit a single cardigan. (I did start a shrug this summer. It was going to be so pretty too, but I realized it was too small halfway through….hmmm….Maybe I’ll finish it anyway…I didn’t bind off and I still have that yarn…)

…Anyway, with the thousands of knitting patterns available online I still haven’t found many cardigan patterns that I really, really love. I want to make cardigans like these:

I don't think this is knit, but I like the general idea

Soooo I am officially on the hunt for the perfect cardigan pattern!! When I find it, I’ll let you guys know. And I’ll keep you updated on it’s progress.

What do you think??

Have any of you seen any knitting patterns similar to these?


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    • JAy
    • October 3rd, 2010

    YEah me too girl wish i could knit.

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