What’s a Vacation Without New Clothes?

“I love sewing and have plenty of material witnesses”. ~Author Unknown

We are going on vacation!!!!

In just a few weeks I will have the pleasure of shopping for fabrics in another country! This will be my first time traveling since becoming a seamstress and my Hubby won’t know what hit him!!! I have already done my homework and found the exact fabric stores that I plan to visit. In consideration to Sam however, I am limiting my fabric exploration to only 3 stores hehehe. (Please, try not to envy me.)

I am not completely obsessed with everything fabric! I have also chosen every restaurant in which I plan to eat. I practically know exactly what meal I’ll be eating at every restaurant!!! You do agree that eating is important, no?

Lucky for me, Sam isn’t picky and likes to go with the flow. I, on the other hand, want to make sure this experience is thoroughly planned. I am a little compulsive when it comes to planning our vacations (you should see our color coded itinerary). Don’t worry — not every minute of every day is planned.

Anyway after working tirelessly on our itinerary I realized this vacation will not be perfect unless I add a few key pieces to my wardrobe. Now, had I been sewing for as long as some of you I would certainly make an elaborate wardrobe. But alas… I am new at this and short on time so I will simply do my best!

I thought a nice dress would be in order. I wanted something easy that I could dress up. After an hour of looking and re-looking (my word) at my patterns I decided on Simplicity 2642.

My favorite in this bunch would have to be view E. But I really wanted a dress with sleeves. So I reluctantly decided to go with view B. I say “reluctantly” because the sleeves look stiff and unappealing on the model.

So I made this dress in a few hours. It wasn’t difficult at all. I left out the elastic at the waist and put a ribbon instead. I also used a different fabric in hopes of losing the “stiff” look and to dress it up a bit. Overall I think it’s a fun dress! I’ll probably make this dress again next summer. I may also make View E for the vacation if time allows.


I wonder what I'll whip up next….

Till we meet again,

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    • SJB
    • October 7th, 2010

    It looks great on you! That’s a beautiful dress!!!


  1. Thank you!

  2. You go girl! What a cute dress! Welcome to the wonderful world of sewing! It truly is the BEST hobby to have! Enjoy your vacation!

  3. Thanks Myra!! I love sewing but I’m so new to it that I often need advice. Please stop by often and share your thoughts. 🙂

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