Feast your eyes on this!

“When I learned to sew, I forgot how to cook.” ~Author Unknown

Firstly, look at the fabric.


Isn’t that a pretty color? Can you blame me for buying it?

After my last dress I thought I’d take it up a notch with McCall’s 5752.

I’ve had my eye on this pattern for quite some time now. Although I wanted to rush and make as many things as I could (in anticipation of my trip), I forced myself to slow down and pay close attention to my technique. I tried not to cut corners. I couldn’t get side tracked with wanting to finish a set amount of items. I had to focus on my long-term goal (learning to sew like a professional).
So keeping my goals in mind I took my time. I took no short cuts. And what do you know? I surprised myself!!!

Notice my bag (wink, wink)

Back view


Aren’t you proud of me? I’m stepping up my game folks!!!
Admittedly, it’s far from perfect BUT its way better than I have EVER done. I am on a roll!!!

I now have 2 pretty dresses for my trip! Do you see why cooking is no longer a priority?

Till we meet again,

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    • October 14th, 2010

    WOW you really make me want to learn, I enjoy a lot of creative activities but this is the first time I consider sewing in my life… I gues it’s not that easy though. This dress is absolutely PERFECT. I love everything about it.

  1. I’m blushing! You really made me feel good! 🙂
    You should Totally start sewing. We could become sewing buddies!!!

  2. You did a fabulous job on this dress, it’s gorgeous. And I love that quote, it’s absolutely so true as far as I’m concerned!

  3. Thanks Patty!

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