Happy New Year!!! :)

“May your bobbin always be full!”

So, it’s a New Year and I’m ready to sew like a rock star!!! Seriously, I am going to plow into the world of fabric as if my life depended on it. I am so serious that I redesigned my sewing area. On December 30th I went running like mad to Ikea and bought a huge worktable. On December 31st I reorganized and recreated my workspace. Then today (January 2nd) I’m planning my projects for the year. Yeah, I’m that serious!
This project didn’t take too much money it just took a lot of time and creativity. I had to play around with the design to get the most out of my space.
My sewing/cutting table was $70 and that really was my biggest expense. I bought very inexpensive plastic file boxes from Walmart ($6.00 each ). I took all of my patterns out of the jacket and filed them according to pattern numbers (this makes finding patterns a WHOLE lot easier). The file boxes slide right underneath my table and leave plenty of room for leg space. I bought 3 shelves ($10 each) and had my DH mount them on the wall.
On my shelves, I have my sewing books/encyclopedias including a binder that I keep all the pattern jackets in for easy access. I also have my iron and my notions in small containers and still have room left for “Work-In Progress” bins. My threads are on thread racks against the wall.
For my fabric, I used clear plastic storage drawers. Of all the options this storage style for my fabrics seemed to be the best pick for my space.
I have a few more things that I’d like to do to my sewing space but this was enough to get me organized and excited! Skittles (my cat) seems to think I did all this work for her. I can’t keep her off my new shelves and when I finally get her down she’s on my table!

Till Next time

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