Delightful Wool Blend!

“Warning: this vehicle stops at all fabric shops.”

As you know, I have reorganized and redesigned my sewing workspace and I love it!! It is sooo inspiring and may get me into trouble!

I went out last week and, although it wasn’t my intention, I ended up near the fabric store. So, naturally, I went in. While browsing I came across this pretty little number.

Can you see it? It’s a lovely grey wool blend. I was so excited to try Simplicity 2562.

Due to nothing more than fear, that pattern has been sitting in my stash for a year! Often I would take it out and examine it but quickly put it back. But this time I was unafraid to tackle those gorgeous pants. After all, I had a great workspace, a big new sewing table, and categorized notions! Everything was possible!

When I got to the cutting table the sales man wouldn’t cut my fabric because it had no sales tag on it!!! Although he was very nice as he explained the store policy I felt like he was a 3-headed monster! How dare he keep my beautiful grey wool delight from me! The audacity! Why couldn’t he just put a price tag on it?

My spirit sank and I was about to walk away when the store manager turned the corner. I seized the opportunity and ask him about the fabric. Apparently the manager was in a big rush, he didn’t even look at the fabric and told the salesman to give it to me at $1 a yard!!!! $1 a yard!!! I only needed about 2 1/2 yards for my pants but at $1 a yard I brought 5 yards. Hehehe!!!

Although this story could have ended with the moral being self control and how I should have stayed away from the unplanned and unbudgeted fabric trip…the actual moral of they story is… always keep your eyes open for a good bargain!!! ☺

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    • Toe
    • January 19th, 2011


    This was such a fun read! I will make sure I keep that moral in mind next time I drive by a fabric store!


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