deep philosophical and profound quest….

Let me tell you it’s been a very LOOONG couple of months. I started a work assignment that turned out to be incredibly time consuming. When I took on this challenge I had no idea that my social life would come to a screeching halt. I haven’t had time to peruse the web or spend time on Pattern Review. In the last 7 months I literally only made 2 articles of clothing and hadn’t written not 1 single blog (unless you consider the 2 word blog where I tell everyone that I’ll be back).

It was my very time sensitive schedule that led me to a traumatic event that took place about 2 months ago. I needed a quick last minute blouse to match an off colored skirt that I own. I was in a hurry and so with much ill of ease ended up buying an embarrassment of a blouse and I broke the bank doing it! The thing was really an insult. I’m not a seasoned seamstress but I could have made that myself. In fact mine would have looked better. So I asked myself. Why didn’t I already have that in my closet? It was a fairly basic piece no bells and whistle. I should have been able to pull that blouse out of my closet and not off the shelf!!!! I was appalled!

I’m not trying to make sewing this deep philosophical and profound quest…. But it kinda is . My assignment is over now and I am ready to sew! I’ve come to the realization that life is way to short to sew aimlessly. At any moment my sewing could come to a screeching halt and what will I have to show for it? I need a “sewing purpose” an ultimate goal. I need to make every sewing adventure count!

Now, if only I could figure out a way to do that….

Till next time

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    • E-Money
    • November 23rd, 2011

    Yay! More lovely pieces to look at!

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