“I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants.”

— Whitney Houston


It all started… with the pattern I wish I never bought. I stopped at the fabric store and my Hubby just happened to be with me. I was looking through the pattern books and Hubs was bored. So he decided to be  “helpful.”  While Looking through the Burda book he began to make suggestions.  He made a few suggestions and with a very quick glance I turned him down. After a while he exclaimed, “Oh, babe this would look great on you” Well, I felt guilty for rejecting his previous suggestions and bought the pattern (it was only $1).  After all, how many guys would actually try to help as opposed to complain.

Now, this isn’t something that I would normally pick up.



My first turn off: the shiny dress on the model. The dress looked like it would take a lot of adjustments because although quite sexy I’m not quite as… uh… shall I say lean as the model.  I honestly have seen this pattern a bunch of times and the thought of buying it has never even crossed my mind!


Well, needless to say this pattern sat in my stash for quite some time without getting any attention from me. Then one day I was bored… I must have been just as bored as Hubs was at the fabric store because I began to contemplate making this dress.

Now…. whenever I’m sewing a dress that demands the use of knits I am always aware of how tricky fabric choice is….  I ended up buying a black and white stretch fabric.  I had no real commitment to this project so I didn’t invest much money or energy.  Fabric cost me $3.

The dress itself was easy to make. I love easy to make dresses. The instructions were fine. If I were writing the instructions I think I would have changed things around a little, but they were easy enough to understand.  The only part that could get confusing was sewing through the many layers at the top of the dress.

Well here are the end results….







BTW- This dress cost me exactly $4 to make!! I LOOOOOOOVE sewing my own clothes!


Maybe Hubby was being helpful after all?  Maybe I’ll keep him 😉


~Til next time


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  1. he’s a keeper (and so is the dress!)

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