The fly gave me the flu!

“Memories are stitched with love.”

Getting sick can seriously ruin your plans.

Right before I began my rapid descent into a bedridden abyss, I was working rather diligently with my “delightful wool blend” to create the perfect slacks. Then I caught the dreadful flu! It’s been a rocky ride to say the least. At times, I could barely see the light at the end of the tunnel. But very slowly I’m starting to become more lucid.

Although I am in no condition to sew I can certainly tell you all about my adventures.
In fact this will no doubt be the best explanation that I have ever given about any of my projects because, after all, I have nothing better to do then lay here and type.

Simplicity 2562

…is a pattern designed to give you a perfect fit and that is exactly what I was looking for. As I mentioned in my last post, this pattern had been sitting in my stash for some time and this beautiful fabric inspired me to jump in and try it. I have never really made structured slacks before and was rather excited to give this project a go. I am short and I have a curvy rear, shopping for pants or jeans can be a nightmare!

I took a couple of inches off the length as I was cutting the pattern because I really want that “amazing fit” that this pattern promises. Other than that I made no significant alterations to the pattern itself.

I was doing pretty well with the instructions. The pictures were very helpful for those times when I would get confused as to what the instruction actually meant. I had to fiddle a little with the Front yoke, Front yoke and pocket and the Pocket facing which could get confusing, but I was doing pretty well. I was impressed with the way the pockets were turning out.

This may not be a big deal to some but to me this was a real morale boost. Then I got to the fly. I don’t know what I did wrong but I do know it shouldn’t look like this…

What did I do wrong? I took it out and put it back in and still it looks like this….

I tried every thing that I could possibly think of. In fact I went and got a pair of store bought slacks to compare and still I was lost! I spent hours agonizing over this one thing. And it was exactly at this point that I got sick.

I blame the fly for giving me the flu… the mind-boggling thing weakened my immune system…

~Till Next time


Delightful Wool Blend!

“Warning: this vehicle stops at all fabric shops.”

As you know, I have reorganized and redesigned my sewing workspace and I love it!! It is sooo inspiring and may get me into trouble!

I went out last week and, although it wasn’t my intention, I ended up near the fabric store. So, naturally, I went in. While browsing I came across this pretty little number.

Can you see it? It’s a lovely grey wool blend. I was so excited to try Simplicity 2562.

Due to nothing more than fear, that pattern has been sitting in my stash for a year! Often I would take it out and examine it but quickly put it back. But this time I was unafraid to tackle those gorgeous pants. After all, I had a great workspace, a big new sewing table, and categorized notions! Everything was possible!

When I got to the cutting table the sales man wouldn’t cut my fabric because it had no sales tag on it!!! Although he was very nice as he explained the store policy I felt like he was a 3-headed monster! How dare he keep my beautiful grey wool delight from me! The audacity! Why couldn’t he just put a price tag on it?

My spirit sank and I was about to walk away when the store manager turned the corner. I seized the opportunity and ask him about the fabric. Apparently the manager was in a big rush, he didn’t even look at the fabric and told the salesman to give it to me at $1 a yard!!!! $1 a yard!!! I only needed about 2 1/2 yards for my pants but at $1 a yard I brought 5 yards. Hehehe!!!

Although this story could have ended with the moral being self control and how I should have stayed away from the unplanned and unbudgeted fabric trip…the actual moral of they story is… always keep your eyes open for a good bargain!!! ☺

Happy New Year!!! :)

“May your bobbin always be full!”

So, it’s a New Year and I’m ready to sew like a rock star!!! Seriously, I am going to plow into the world of fabric as if my life depended on it. I am so serious that I redesigned my sewing area. On December 30th I went running like mad to Ikea and bought a huge worktable. On December 31st I reorganized and recreated my workspace. Then today (January 2nd) I’m planning my projects for the year. Yeah, I’m that serious!
This project didn’t take too much money it just took a lot of time and creativity. I had to play around with the design to get the most out of my space.
My sewing/cutting table was $70 and that really was my biggest expense. I bought very inexpensive plastic file boxes from Walmart ($6.00 each ). I took all of my patterns out of the jacket and filed them according to pattern numbers (this makes finding patterns a WHOLE lot easier). The file boxes slide right underneath my table and leave plenty of room for leg space. I bought 3 shelves ($10 each) and had my DH mount them on the wall.
On my shelves, I have my sewing books/encyclopedias including a binder that I keep all the pattern jackets in for easy access. I also have my iron and my notions in small containers and still have room left for “Work-In Progress” bins. My threads are on thread racks against the wall.
For my fabric, I used clear plastic storage drawers. Of all the options this storage style for my fabrics seemed to be the best pick for my space.
I have a few more things that I’d like to do to my sewing space but this was enough to get me organized and excited! Skittles (my cat) seems to think I did all this work for her. I can’t keep her off my new shelves and when I finally get her down she’s on my table!

Till Next time

Interfacing, Embellishments and Enclosures????

“If I stitch fast enough, does it count as aerobic exercise?”

The other day, I decided to make 2 bags. I knew how sturdy I wanted them to be. I knew exactly which interfacing to use, but to make sure, I looked at the Kwik Sew (3749) instructions. They made no suggestions for interfacing whatsoever!!!

To make matters worse, like many other bag making patterns, the pattern included no enclosure suggestions. Now everyone knows that a good bag is made great with the right enclosures. How could they have missed that? Perhaps Kwik Sew didn’t want to confuse a beginner. Or better yet, wanted to give us experienced gals the freedom to…go crazy. (Notice I included myself in the category of being experienced? Hahaha I love a good joke!)

In making this bag I followed the instructions explicitly. The only change I made was adding the interfacing. I’m not sure I got it right but its better than not having one at all….

All in all, the pattern wasn’t bad. It’s not a complex bag. The bag is very big and roomy. I would recommend this bag to everyone because beginners can make it as is and feel very satisfied while an advanced seamstress can add enclosures and embellishments and the right interfacing to make it exactly as they wish.

I made the blue bag (on the left) for my sister to take to school. This bag is big enough for schoolbooks! The other bag (on the right) I made for my mother-in-law. Shhhhh it’s a surprise! She’s going on a cruise… wait till she sees what I made her!!!

But honestly dear readers, what are your suggestions when it comes to interfacing, embellishments and enclosures???? I mean…. I know what I’m doing and everything but… I want to hear your thoughts….LOL

Till we meet again,

Vacation pictures!!!

Any day spent sewing, is a good day. ~Author Unknown

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…here’s a couple thousand… 🙂

Remember this dress??

Don’t Forget my bag….

How about this dress?

Here’s a bag I made for my mom….

Lastly my blue and white pants…

Needless to say I had a great time and my hard work paid off! Thanks for hanging out with me.

Till we meet again

My Lovely….My Precious

Don’t needle the seamstress. ~Author Unknown

Long over due post! I wrote this a while ago…….

Today I packed for my trip! After packing I stood back to admire my work. Not my packing skills, silly, my handmade clothing!!! I am proud to say that my suitcase was filled with things that I made. Fabric that I chose and patterns that I cut out! These are my precious little babies, my pride and joy, my … ok you get the point!

Amongst my creations was another dress! This dress was tricky. It was as if the fabric was trying to run away from me! It took longer than it should have but I finally got it done. One thing worth mentioning about this pattern is the neckline instructions. They are quite confusing! It took me a long time (and Emmy’s help) to finally get the neckline connected to the rest of the dress. I’m glad I was able to figure it out because that is one of the things that drew me to this dress in the first place. I also think the pattern pieces don’t fit as well as they should.

This kind of a pattern could possibly discourage a beginner and lead them to knitting! We can’t have that happening! Hehehe! I would not encourage a beginner to make this dress unless they are very patient.

Overall I am very pleased with my end result. And am very excited about wearing it on vacation. I love the way i was able to mix and match 2 fabrics and have my very own unique design. I will definitely make this dress again next summer!

If you’ve been counting you know that I have now made 3 dresses for my trip!!!

-Till we meet again

Feast your eyes on this!

“When I learned to sew, I forgot how to cook.” ~Author Unknown

Firstly, look at the fabric.


Isn’t that a pretty color? Can you blame me for buying it?

After my last dress I thought I’d take it up a notch with McCall’s 5752.

I’ve had my eye on this pattern for quite some time now. Although I wanted to rush and make as many things as I could (in anticipation of my trip), I forced myself to slow down and pay close attention to my technique. I tried not to cut corners. I couldn’t get side tracked with wanting to finish a set amount of items. I had to focus on my long-term goal (learning to sew like a professional).
So keeping my goals in mind I took my time. I took no short cuts. And what do you know? I surprised myself!!!

Notice my bag (wink, wink)

Back view


Aren’t you proud of me? I’m stepping up my game folks!!!
Admittedly, it’s far from perfect BUT its way better than I have EVER done. I am on a roll!!!

I now have 2 pretty dresses for my trip! Do you see why cooking is no longer a priority?

Till we meet again,