What’s a Vacation Without New Clothes?

“I love sewing and have plenty of material witnesses”. ~Author Unknown

We are going on vacation!!!!

In just a few weeks I will have the pleasure of shopping for fabrics in another country! This will be my first time traveling since becoming a seamstress and my Hubby won’t know what hit him!!! I have already done my homework and found the exact fabric stores that I plan to visit. In consideration to Sam however, I am limiting my fabric exploration to only 3 stores hehehe. (Please, try not to envy me.)

I am not completely obsessed with everything fabric! I have also chosen every restaurant in which I plan to eat. I practically know exactly what meal I’ll be eating at every restaurant!!! You do agree that eating is important, no?

Lucky for me, Sam isn’t picky and likes to go with the flow. I, on the other hand, want to make sure this experience is thoroughly planned. I am a little compulsive when it comes to planning our vacations (you should see our color coded itinerary). Don’t worry — not every minute of every day is planned.

Anyway after working tirelessly on our itinerary I realized this vacation will not be perfect unless I add a few key pieces to my wardrobe. Now, had I been sewing for as long as some of you I would certainly make an elaborate wardrobe. But alas… I am new at this and short on time so I will simply do my best!

I thought a nice dress would be in order. I wanted something easy that I could dress up. After an hour of looking and re-looking (my word) at my patterns I decided on Simplicity 2642.

My favorite in this bunch would have to be view E. But I really wanted a dress with sleeves. So I reluctantly decided to go with view B. I say “reluctantly” because the sleeves look stiff and unappealing on the model.

So I made this dress in a few hours. It wasn’t difficult at all. I left out the elastic at the waist and put a ribbon instead. I also used a different fabric in hopes of losing the “stiff” look and to dress it up a bit. Overall I think it’s a fun dress! I’ll probably make this dress again next summer. I may also make View E for the vacation if time allows.


I wonder what I'll whip up next….

Till we meet again,


I Love Cardigans!

Short ones! Long ones!

Bright ones! Dark ones!

Thin ones! Thick ones!

Old ones! New ones!

Fitted ones! Loose ones!

Um, I have a confession: I’m obsessed with cardigans.

They’re so versatile and layer-able and warm!!!!

When I started knitting a few months ago, one of my main reasons for doing so was so that I could one day have a luxurious, large and lovely collection of sweaters and cardigans. This is also what I love the most about Fall — you get to wear comfy sweaters and cardigans!

But alas, I still haven’t knit a single cardigan. (I did start a shrug this summer. It was going to be so pretty too, but I realized it was too small halfway through….hmmm….Maybe I’ll finish it anyway…I didn’t bind off and I still have that yarn…)

…Anyway, with the thousands of knitting patterns available online I still haven’t found many cardigan patterns that I really, really love. I want to make cardigans like these:

I don't think this is knit, but I like the general idea

Soooo I am officially on the hunt for the perfect cardigan pattern!! When I find it, I’ll let you guys know. And I’ll keep you updated on it’s progress.

What do you think??

Have any of you seen any knitting patterns similar to these?


My Fall Skinny-Scarf!

Hi! It’s Emmy!

“Who?” you ask.

I know…I’ve been absent ’round these parts. *hangs head in shame*

Here’s something I made. It was my first time making cables. Turns out, cables aren’t difficult at all!

I think it will be perfect for the Fall. What do you think?

Flared Ends

On my neck. See the detail?

My Pretty Little Buttercup

“I’m itching to be stitching!”

I am so happy! I feel like singing… LALALALALALA

Just be glad you can’t hear the notes I hit. As a child, I used to walk around the house serenading everyone with my own rendition of popular opera songs. My father was none to pleased with this and would often send me to the basement! This was obviously poor parenting on his part! He took away my dream of becoming a world-renowned singer and now all I’m left with is this crazy obsession with fabric!

Case in point… last week was Skirt Week and I distinctively remember telling the world (or at least all of you) that I wouldn’t buy any fabric. All I had to do was go 1 week without purchasing any fabric! Did I buy fabric you ask? Let’s just say the proof is in the pudding…

All I can say is ….Tsk, Tsk, Tsk!

Last Week (Skirt Week) was both challenging and fun. A complete success if you ask me. I got a chance to work on my techniques and try out a few new gadgets. After such an intense week I decided to take a break and make something different. And so I made the “Buttercup bag.” I had the PERFECT fabric for it. Feast your eyes on this baby!

I left out the straps and made it a clutch (per Emmy’s suggestion).

I plan to make more of these. I am so grateful to Rae for putting up this FREE pattern. Wouldn’t you like to try it? Go to made-by-rae.com you won’t be sorry! (hehe…It sounds like Rae is paying me to advertise)

Ok, so about Skirt Week… It’s not over yet! ☺ I have a few loose ends to tie or hem. 🙂

I’ll be back to fill you in on the details. Stay tuned. WARNING: it will be long!

Happy Wednesday to you ALL!!!

Till we meet again


Skirt Week!

“She who dies with the most fabric, wins”

I am declaring next week “Skirt Week”! Who knows, it might even turn into skirt month! Emmy thinks I’m crazy (I sure do!) and so does my hubby, but who cares? They just don’t understand. They only wish they could sew with my beautiful fabric!

So the goal is…..Ahem…..to only use fabric I have in my stash. I have been buying fabric at a ridiculous rate! So, I am only allowing myself to go to the fabric store to get notions. No fabric! (Wish me luck with that!) This is going to take a lot of restraint on my part… *cough*

My schedule is less hectic next week and so I thought this would be a great opportunity to indulge in what I love to do: Muahahahaha…. Yup….SEW! (that was a semi wicked laugh.. in case you missed it!).

I stumbled on a blog (Ten Thousand Hours) where Victoria challenges herself to become an expert seamstress. As a beginner I am inspired! If I sew for 10,000 hours maybe I too can become an expert! I will start with skirts. Someday maybe I’ll be able to draft my own patterns!!!! WOW! That would be great!

I have to focus the goal is to make at least 4 skirts in 7 days. On the days that I am super busy I will work on the easier skirts and on days that I’m free I will make something a little more complicated!

Here are a few of the contenders…

I love the different styles


This one will be a challenge!!!

Easy and fun

This may be tricky!

I also ordered the book Sew What! Skirts by Francesca DenHartog and I can’t wait to try it out!

Talk to me: Do you have any suggestions? Any cute skirt ideas or patterns you think I should try?
Feel free to join in and make 1 or 2 skirts yourself. Then we can share war stories! I am so excited!!! 🙂

Till we meet again

Love at First Sight!

Sew much fabric, Sew little time!
~Author Unknown

I was sitting impatiently, waiting and waiting to go out with someone…anyone really.
The person could be male or female, short or tall it really didn’t matter. Just so long as I could get out! Go out into the world and explore. We wouldn’t have to go anywhere fancy, just so long as we went!

Since the fire, I had been pushed back, jammed into a corner! Without friends or companionship. I was popular before the fire! I had many friends. People were always interested in me. What I could do, who I could become, what I could accomplish…

Oh, I don’t mean to boast but many times I would overhear people saying how sweet and vibrant I was. They would touch me tenderly and proclaim their love for me. But not anymore! Now I was buried under useless rags and surrounded by the scent of mold.

If only someone would take me away from this place. I dreamed about the places we would go. Would we go far or would we stay near? Regardless of where we’d end up I’d finally get some fresh air and feel the sunshine. I’d sway to the rhythm of the breeze. I’d feel the excitement on the streets.

It’s at that point that I swooshed in (like a super hero) and saved yellow. She was buried in a deep black tunnel. The stench was awful the air was musky but on I pressed through the pile of worthless scraps until finally I saw her. Love at first sight. Tangled and confused. Lonely and afraid, she trembled.

That was the greatest day of my life! As soon as we hit the streets, just as I expected, I felt the sunshine hit me like a sweet warm hug. I was still sore and had lost my pride, my dignity and my spirit. I wasn’t sure I could ever be as beautiful as I had once been. I had gone through too much. I had seen too many things.

But I knew better! I took Yellow home. I washed and pressed her. I took my time and chose the best style for her. I turned her into a thing of beauty. She no longer looked like an orphan or smelled like a fire. It didn’t take much it was just a matter of time till she was back to her old self again, but even better! Take a look 😉

Till we meet again

“Violet! You’re turning violet, Violet!!”

Hi! Emmy here!

Today I present to you………my first (er, second) real project!!

I’ve only been knitting a few months, and my first project, a scarf, was taking waaaaay too long and it was getting boring. So I decided to start something new to keep myself from quitting knitting (hehe, that rhymed!) altogether.

Oh, yeah… that’s something you’ll soon notice about me — my attention span can be somewhat short at times. And I go off topic sometimes, too.

Anyway, I wanted to knit something quick yet satisfying. I chose to make a clutch!! The pattern is called the “Ballybrae Soft Clutch”.

What I liked about this project is that it was indeed quick (took about 3 days nights), the pattern was easy to understand, the stitch pattern was easy to keep up with, and the pattern can be modified to make it either dressy or casual, depending on the yarn and button used. oh, and the whole project took a little over one skein (a small skein, at that — just 87 yards).

It took forever for me to choose the yarn for the clutch at the yarn store. Eventually, I chose Red Heart Eco-Ways Bamboo Wool in violet (hence this entry’s title- I love “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) and I LOVE this yarn! It feels really nice, and the colors this yarn comes in are vibrant! Anyway, I should just shut up and show the pictures, right? Okay!

This is the front of the clutch.

Opened. I added a zipper.

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