Howdy Partner!

“I cannot count my day complete
‘Til needle, thread and fabric meet.”
~Author Unknown

Allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Na and I am so excited to be sharing my favorite past time with you. I have found something that I absolutely love to do every chance I get! In fact it must be an addiction because I absolutely can’t get enough! Anything that has to do with sewing makes me happy. Looking at my fabric, picking a pattern, buying fabric or patterns or notions or …. 🙂

Anyway my sister Emmy is kind of the same way about knitting. Every time we get together and start talking about our craft we sound like the world’s greatest chatter-box. I’ll start a sentence and Emmy will end up finishing it for me. Sounds  “cute” right? Like we have this great bond right? Well you might want to know that my part of the sentence will have to do with sewing and her portion has to do with knitting! It’ll go something like this…..

Na: I found the best pattern and I can’t wait to sew it….

Emmy (in her own world): with a skein! I can make mittens…

Therefore the regular passerby hears: I found the best pattern and I can’t wait to sew it with a skein and make mittens.

Silly right? Hence our blog      “Sewing With a Skein.”

Now to keep the confusion to a minimum we will be color coordinated. Everywhere you see the color green that’s me (Na the Seamstress) writing and every time you see the color purple that’s Emmy the Knitter writing. Our goal is to bring you all kinds of cool and unique projects. We also plan to occasionally combine our skills to create unique and memorable projects.

So how’d you like to go on a journey with us as we challenge ourselves to grow in our respective crafts? You want to? Cool! Lets Go!!’

Till we meet again


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